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St. Lawrence Horizon Campus

CLOSE YOUR LEGS AND OPEN YOUR BOOKS...TRUE LOVE WAITS...this is the message we gave to our daughters/ little sisters at Horizon campus in St. Lawrence college school yesterday as we signed commitment cards and promised God, our parents, our future children, our future partners and ourselves that we shall Wait for when we are ready to engage in sexual activities.

Friends of Caring Hearts Uganda. and our team are sowing seed of confidence amongst our daughters in schools. We would want them to know that they are stronger than they think and they have the power to say NO to anything that they feel violates their rights. High self-esteem and boldness is top on the list of things we teach. Thanks for hosting us Horizon Campus. #closelegsopenbooks



At Musubi Church of God in Mayuge district

Shy,timid and reserved were the girls from Musubi Church of God primary school in Mayuge district. Eager to learn and very well conversant with the art of knitting,the older girls in this part of the country found no challenge with the exercise.

Organised in one long line under the mango tree in the school compound,each girl found a spot and sat on the benches we had arranged for that day's training. Putting thread and needles to use came so easy to these girls. our team of trainers had less work to do here. Not so many teenagers in this country know so much about hand sewing. But like Pros, these girls made their own reusable sanitary pads so fast and very neatly! This is because there is no quick access to sewing machines in this area. No one can afford to even buy and put up a cloth mending business in this area. They are too poor to even afford clothes to put on their children's bare chests,buttocks and generally bodies! How then can this society afford sewing machines? That is the one main reason why the girls are very good at sewing manually with their own hands because that is all they have got.

Each reusable sanitary pad brought a remarkable difference in each girl's life. To date,the girls still boast of how they put up a fight against school absenteeism and poor hygiene since the day they got the skill to make and maintain their own sanitary pad. Making a sanitary pad was easy for them but they all knew nothing about the technique of how to put one together. With the knowledge now given,we will spread the Gospel of EACH ONE TEACH ONE. We have tasked each girl to teach their sister,mother,friend about this technique.



Sanitary transformation

On the 8th-Dec-2016, our Patron Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi (BobiWine), Executive Director Barbara Kyagulanyi, Chairman LCV Soroti District handed over three newly constructed toilets, two changing rooms and two water tanks to Majengo primary school and Erimu college in Soroti district. we believe that these hygiene facilities will enhance cleanliness and improve on the ratio of toilet to the number of girls. This will reduce on menstrual related absentism as the girls can manage menstruation better.

The girls now have adequate facilities to wash and change during menstruation. because we know that most girls cannot afford sanitary pads,our team, over a period of one week, trained the girls on how to make reusable sanitary pads from cheap and readily available materials. To the Waggoner family, we say thank you for the support. Thanks for turning possibilities into realities for these lovely girls. Special thanks to Pastor George Epielu for making this happen

rotary club collaboration CHU


Outreach: In partnership with Rotary Club Acacia sunset

Caring hearts uganda and Rotary Club Acacia sunset (plant a smile) sent representatives to the ghetto of Kamwokya to pay a visit to single Mothers who struggle to sustain their large families consisting of mainly very many children below the age of 5.

The main reason for this visit was to meet,talk and then figure out ways to equip them better with self sustaining tangible jobs. We love partnerships. Thank you Rotary Club Acacia sunset for walking our path and believing with us that Women empowerment is one of the major things this nation needs for its development

trainers training 2


Capacity building: Kamwokya, Kampala

Step 30 is a friend NGO. Their passion towards menstrual hygiene matches ours. Step 30 offered to join us for the "TRAINERS TRAINING" that was held at our head offices in Kamwokya.

We chose to have this special class because we believe that many people out there would love to learn the technique of making a hand made sanitary pad with an aim of being helpful to their communities. Since we cant make a difference single handed, we decided to invite the general public to be part of this change that we badly need as a nation. The people that converged learnt this technique and went out into their communities to teach and train girls in dire need.  We are still waiting on testimonies of how much positive change they impacted on their specific societies after the training we gave them.

community outreach on health & sanitation


Outreach: Health & Sanitation

Caring hearts Uganda together with Vine Medicare carried out a number of activities some of which included; HIV testing, safe circumcision, immunization, counselling among others. We are proud to associate with like-minded people who have the same vision and mission like we do. To our team that was on ground, you are incredible. Blessings to each one of you



International day of the girl child

On this international day of the girl child, Caring Hearts Uganda celebrates the potential of every young woman to be a powerful voice in her community and remember Today's girls are Tomorrow's leaders and mothers of Uganda. Our Sisters, Daughters and friends in primary and secondary schools in Uganda face a lot of challenges and problems which in one way or the other makes it hard for them to compete favorably with the boys and to make it in life. Many start nursery school, then go to primary 1, 2, 3 but few finish primary 7 and we all know Education is a precursor to the development of the country and improving of the living standards of the people.

Since Caring Hearts Uganda acknowledges that poor Menstrual hygiene is a major contributing factor to school dropouts and missing school of the girl child, we yesterday together with Uganda cares donated 10,000 packets of sanitary pads to students of St. Henry's primary school Bwaise, Kawempe moslem primary school, St. Paul primary school kyebando all from kawempe division and Old Kampala primary school from Kampala Central division.



Menstrual hygiene clinic

On 5th Dec 2014, Caring Hearts Uganda visited Bukomero SS in Kiboga District, We engaged the youth on very pertinent issues that affect the youth. The counsellors shared with the youth on the key information about the HIV AIDS scourge, We had a very lively interaction. The Excective Director (Caring Hearts Uganda) Mrs Kyagulanyi Barbara Itungo was the main facilitator in the menstral clinic where girls were given useful information on menstral management, hygiene and the girls were given free reusable sanitary pads in abid to reduce on the number of days they miss school every month because of lack of sanitary towels.

The Patron (Caring Hearts Uganda) Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) gave a very powerful speech and encouraged the students to live a responsible life in a bid to prepare the young generation for extra ordinary positions and stay focused to achieve their dreams.



Reaching out to help them sleep better

Today, together with our patron hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, we visited the most vulnerable children around us and we took about 100 mattresses 100 blankets and 100 mosquito nets. The beneficiaries included 1. Kyankima home for abandoned children in Kasangati run by a single elderly woman with a big heart, 2. Child focus Uganda in Gayaza home for children and youth with intellectual/ physical disability 3. Save Street children uganda in kamwokya 4.To 15 homes in kifumbira zone in kamwokya.